The recipe for a perfect Pimm’s

Nothing says British summer time more than an refreshing jug of Pimm’s with a generous serving of fresh fruit. The quintessential British summer drink is rich in history and popularity, offering it’s fans a combination of botanical and warm spices mixed with refreshing citrus and mint flavours.


2-3 sprigs of mint   |   Plenty of ice   |   5 slices of orange   |   7 sliced strawberries   |   4 slices of cucumber   |   600ml of lemonade   |  200ml of Pimm’s No.1


It’s time to mix it up… Fill your jug halfway up with ice cubes, then it’s time to pour in 200ml of Pimm’s No.1. Top the jug up with lemonade and then add your freshly sliced orange, strawberries and cucumber. Give it a good stir, top with sprigs of mint and then it’s time to serve.


06th Jul 2021